All seed & nut “bread”

I came across this recipe via my soon-to-be sister-in-law Ashley’s blog NeverHomeMaker. She in turn had borrowed the recipe from another blog My New Roots. I highly recommend visiting Ashley’s blog for all of her awesome vegetarian recipes! Her pictures are also beautiful unlike mine:)

This bread is just as awesome as the author claims it to be! Gluten free, dairy free, no FLOUR at ALL! Just nuts and seeds, bound with psyllium seed husks (read her post all about these, I’d never used them before but was able to find a carton in the aisle of Whole Foods where they dietary fiber supplements because that’s sort of what it is.) It calls for a really small amount of maple syrup, but can replace that with stevia if you’re cutting sugar completely. It tastes amazing as toast by itself and has a taste that I think will go well with veggies in a sandwich situation or as toast with almond butter or preserves, etc. The best part is it satisfies that bread craving without actually being bread!!! I’m obviously too excited about this. Click through for the recipe, but here’s how mine turned out: